Sprinkler System Care
Made Effortless


Your Lawn is a Place of Value

…an asset to your property, the setting for your landscape, and a space to welcome friends and family.

Whether you installed your own home irrigation system or inherited one from a previous owner, I can help you maximize your built-in sprinkler so you can enjoy a greener space.

I provide the following services:

  • Start-up for dormant systems

  • Maintenance and repair during irrigation season

  • Shut-down at the end of the season

  • Backflow testing

Tony Wilson, Owner

Tony Wilson, Owner


As a firefighter with the Carmel Fire Department and a licensed EMT-Paramedic, I bring a professionalism to my work that includes quick response time, easy online scheduling, and dependable service. I am also a Certified Backflow Device Tester through the State of Indiana.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year is best to start up my system?

It is best to restart your system after the last hard freeze, usually around the middle of April. Most systems can run or be “active” even with temperatures close to freezing.


What time of year is best to shut down my system?

This is also weather dependent. I prefer to shut down systems before the first hard freeze, usually in late October.


What kind of maintenance do you provide?

At the first appointment, I will identify any maintenance issues, everything from simple head adjustments to major breaks in the lines. After that, I will schedule another visit for maintenance/repairs.


Do you provide backflow testing?

Yes, I am a Certified Backflow Device Tester through the State of Indiana.


Do you service all kinds of systems?

Yes, I have serviced systems in both commercial and residential areas, ranging from small 3-zone systems to very large systems with more than 20 zones. I have also cared for systems that use both well water or city water as their main water supply.



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